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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Watson?

    Watson for Oncology is a new technology that gives cancer doctors more information — from insights from top doctors in the US, the latest data from top books, and many treatment options.
  • How does the Watson solution work?

    The Watson for Oncology solution combines leading oncologists' deep expertise in cancer care with the speed of IBM Watson to help clinicians as they consider individualized cancer treatment options for their patients. Trained by oncologists from Memorial Sloan Kettering with the expertise of IBM Research, Watson for Oncology is a solution that is fueled by information from relevant guidelines, best practices, and medical journals and textbooks. Watson for Oncology assesses information from of a patient diagnosis, evaluates medical evidence, and displays potential treatment options ranked by level of confidence, always providing supporting evidence. Armed with these evidence-based choices, the oncologist can then apply their own expertise to identify the most appropriate treatment options.
  • How will your doctor use Watson for Oncology?

    With Watson, your doctor will access information about cancers and cancer care all over the world to help in deciding on your treatment plan. Watson for Oncology helps your doctor learn about your cancer case with advice from many medical textbooks, journals, and treatments. This helps them create the different treatment plans and select the most suitable option that is all about you.
  • How Watson for Oncology can help you with your treatment?

    Watson for Oncology helps your oncologist personalize your treatment plan based on expertise from leading U.S. oncologists. With Watson, our oncology care teams can increase their capacity for care by:

    • Enhance patient care by applying the speed and scale of Watson to help identify evidence-based treatment options for consideration by the treating oncologist
    • Enable precision medicine by providing relevant information regarding a patient's potential targeted therapies
    • Identify the right treatment most suitable for the patient the first time so patients have quality time
  • The Other FAQs

    What type of cancers do Watson for Oncology system support?

    Watson is available to assist clinicians on breast, lung, colon, rectal, gastric, ovarian, cervical, Prostrate and Thyroid cancers.

    How is cancer patient data protected?

    In IBM Watson, there are no personal identifier for a patient, for example, name, address, IC number, race etc. The doctors need to only key in the cancer diagnosis parameters into the system for Watson to process.

    Why KPJ Healthcare adopted IBM Watson for Oncology?

    KPJ has a long history of investing in technology and similar technologies like IBM Watson, such as, decision support system. In 2010, we started first drug decision support system. In 2014, we adopted another new drug support system, so in the same vein of knowledge, KPJ Healthcare had a good idea on how effective and important these decisions support systems are. When IBM introduced a cancer/ oncology decision support using cognitive computing or artificial intelligence, KPJ also decided to adopt it as we see real benefits.

    How many doctors have been trained in KPJ to use the service?

    8 doctors have been trained so far. The doctors are, Dr Aminudin and Dr Sangeetha from KPJ Damansara, Dr Biswa Biswal and Dr Lum from KPJ Ipoh, Dr Daren from KPJ Sabah, Dr Natasha and Dr Lum from KPJ Johor, Dr Azura from KPJ Ampang Puteri specialist Hospital.

    How many KPJ hospitals are offering the service. What about the remaining 20 hospitals? Can they access the service virtually?

    5 KPJ Hospitals, KPJ Johor, KPJ Ipoh, KPJ Ampang , KPJ Damansara and KPJ Sabah. If need arises, we will look into expanding IBM Watson into the rest of the hospitals as well. Since it is a cloud based system, they are able to access it anywhere and anytime.

    How much does a patient have to pay to request for KPJ IBM Watson opinion?

    KPJ Healthcare has kept it free for our doctors to use the system for the patients they feel right choice to be, screened for updates review and options through IBM Watson Oncology tool. Patients also can request doctors to use it for their particular cancer to get the second opinion. KPJ Has not put any such fees for use of Watson, though regular hospital fees do apply as usual.

    Can you explain how a patient qualify to use WFO?

    Patient has to be diagnosed with cancer or a confirmed diagnosed case of cancer and registered at our KPJ Hospitals. If they are patients from other hospitals, they can come and request for second opinion through IBM Watson and with the consultancy by our oncologists.